KLM to phase out the iconic MD-11

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will phase out the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft from regular passenger operations with effect from October 2014. KLM is the last scheduled operator of this iconic three-engined aircraft in passenger service. It flies the MD-11 to a couple of destinations in Canada.

The MD-11, with its distinctive tail mounted second engine is extremely popular amongst passengers as well as aviation enthusiasts. This will bring to an end the era of three-engined wide-body aircraft. The MD-11 will however continue to fly in a freighter configuration with quite a few cargo airlines.

KLM is planning to hold an event to mark the retirement of the MD-11 aircraft in November 2014, with a series of MD-11 Farewell Flights to give aviation enthusiasts the chance to fly on this iconic aircraft one last time!


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