Flying on the Emirates A380

I recently had a chance to fly on the Emirates Airbus A380. Although I have flown on the Lufthansa A380 before, this was my first time on the Emirates super-jumbo.

What an awesome aircraft the A380 is. Super quiet and stable!

Here is a shot of the Emirates A380 rear cabin showing the crew rest area on the right.


And here is the First Class cabin on the upper deck of the Emirates A380



Emirates launches A380 operations to BOM


Emirates A380 holding on taxiway N1 on a rainy morning in the first week of operations.

Close on the heels of Singapore Airlines, Emirates too decided to deploy the  Airbus A380 aircraft to Mumbai thereby becoming the second carrier to operate the super-jumbo to the city.

With effect from 21 July 2014, Emirates deployed the A380 on its flagship EK500/501 flight that arrives/departs Mumbai early in the morning.