KLM MD-11 Farewell Flight

As I had reported earlier, KLM organised three special MD-11 Farewell Flights to mark the retirement of the iconic McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft from passenger service.

I was among the 500 or so lucky folks to be able to book a ticket on one of these flights, and boy…. did I have a blast??? 🙂

The MD-11 Farewell Flight was a one hour special flight that took off from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and landed there again, after flying around all over the Netherlands.

The aircraft was full of aviation enthusiasts, and many of them had interesting stories to share about their experiences with the MD-11.

Here are a few quick photos from that special flight. Hopefully, I should be able to write a full report on the experience soon!

PH-KCD “Florence Nightingale” did the three farewell flights.


The sight of that third engine up on the tail will be sorely missed!


A look at the passenger cabin – the flight had more than 200 super-excited aviation enthusiasts!



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